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Voice of the Customer (VOC)

What the customer says and the company hears ... or not

voiXen shows you how to prevent cancellations, plan marketing measures in a more targeted manner, and identify important issues before consequences arise. With voiXen's VOC analysis, the data you already pull from CRM, customer feedback, social media and market analysis today takes on a deeper, more mature, more powerful meaning. You realize what your market peers would like to know before you do.
Evaluating customer needs follows different strategies and methods. The "Voice of the Customer" method uses a seemingly trivial approach, namely: asking customers about their wants, needs, problems, challenges and opportunities.

Integrating the voice of the customer into a company's sales, marketing and quality processes is also part of the Six Sigma management system. Outdated concepts require the definition of the business process to be optimized, in order to then analyze it with the available measurement methods and finally implement evaluated potentials. Very large budgets are invested annually in market research and customer satisfaction surveys. This alone shows that the presumed benefit from such surveys seems to be enormous.

Traditional analyses take place asynchronously and ...

  • are usually heavily time-delayed,
  • are random,
  • are directed only at customers who participate in surveys,
  • and usually have a predefined target picture of given assumptions.


With voiXen speech analytics of recorded customer phone calls, companies can ...

  • permanently listen to the voice of the customer,
  • perform spontaneous queries according to predefined and changing current phrases/topics,
    identify trends,
  • analyze topics not covered by the service employee,
  • automatically collect reasons for terminations,
  • prevent terminations,
  • carry out advertising measures in a more targeted manner and
  • receive automatic escalations (alerting) on acute news/trends.

"voiXen" is derived from the French "la voix" - the voice. The Berlin-based software company voiXen GmbH has been concerned with excellent customer service since its founding in the summer of 2014. So it makes sense to evaluate "la voix du client", the voice of the customer, in addition to analyzing the telephone skills of service employees.

After all, it is only the analysis of real dialog that reveals the true indicators of trends in customer service. What many software providers offer today with the analysis of written communication (e-mail, chat, social media posts), gets a clear and sustainable added value with the voiXen analysis of voice dialogs. With the speech analysis software for customer service and sales from the German cloud, companies search for, manage and analyze their recorded customer dialogs with permanently enhanced voiXen technology. This provides the necessary transparency for companies and customers.

Big data thus becomes "golden data" with voiXen. With just a few clicks, our speech analysis professionals will show you how you too can easily mine this data gold.

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