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Digital scorecard

Ready for digital coaching in only five minutes! Starting at only 5€ a month.

Overview at a glance: No more tedious paperwork or complicated lists.

  • Create templates with coaches and trainers
  • Never again Excel with macros or faulty VLOOKUPs
  • Documentation of the personal development of each employee
  • Secure and read-only
  • Comprehensive rights and role concept

Responsive design for all devices

  • Easy to use alongside your employees
  • Everywhere available
  • In the cloud or locally

Create benchmarks in a team or a project

  • Where do your employees stand in comparison to others?
  • Compare teams or employees anonymously
  • Compare your service providers with each other

Always keep the overview

  • Who was coached when
  • Which training is needed by several employees
  • Coach everyone regularly and consistently
  • Keeping an eye on the time during each coaching session


5 €

Price per agent/month
for voiXen analytics customers
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10 €

Price per agent/month for customers who are not yet using voiXen analytics

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10 €

Price per agent/month
incl. automatic voiXen speech analytics
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